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Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties


For the planning of your wedding special day or a bachelor / bachelorette party with a difference, bundi offers various options. A booze cruise can be arranged on river or by truck through town. We can put together any function to meet your needs.

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Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Social Outings


Are you a group of friends looking for a different adventure experience? Are you planning a 30th or 21st birthday party? Bundi specialises in the organisation and planning of any social outing. Name the destination and type of outing you are looking for and we will take care of the rest.

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Social Outings Social Outings Social Outings



Let us arrange your school, university or club reunions. Trips can be designed to various destinations for a one day or weekend reunion. Adventures such as river rafting, hiking and sand boarding can be included in your overland trip.

For the organisation of a unique and fun reunion contact us!

Reunions Reunions
  River Rafting  
  Abseiling & High Ropes  
  Boat Cruises  
  Wine Tasting  
  Cocktail Challenge  


  Bundi Adventure Challenge (BAT)  


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Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
Social Outings
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Church Outreaches & Camps
Band Trips
Senior Citizens
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Sport Teams

For any sport team looking for a break from their everyday routine of matches and practice join us for a teambuilding or adventure trip!
Teams can come out for a day of wet teambuilding on river incorporated with activities such as pyramid building, walking on water and boat races.
Pyramid Building Walking on Water
Wet Teambuilding - Pyramid Building Wet Teambuilding - Pyramid Building Wet Teambuilding - Walking on Water Wet Teambuilding - Walking on Water
Boat Races
  Wet Teambuilding - Boat Races Wet Teambuilding - Boat Races  
Survivor is an outdoor team event. It will challenge delegates physically and mentally. The event provides an avenue for team ethic, healthy competition and development of interpersonal growth. Our next outdoor Survivor Challenge where corporates or any team can enter a team of five members to compete against other teams will be hosted in Sept.
Outdoor Survivor Challenge Outdoor Survivor Challenge

We are available to design, recommend and run all types of group tours throughout Southern Africa. From budget adventure tours in trucks, all the way up to luxury safaris in air-conditioned 4x4's or busses. Camping, Hotels and Safari Lodges - we offer it all!

In addition to tour design our staff is able to recommend accommodation facilities throughout the Western Cape and Southern Africa.

Church Outreaches & Camps


Various youth camps and community outreach projects make use of our services. Bundi can assist with the planning of the itinerary of any outreach to any destination. Youth camps are also hosted at our river camps. Activities done are based on sound principles. Every activity demonstrates certain specific character traits such as trust, loyalty, humbleness, etc.

For any inquiries on church camps and facilities offered by Bundi contact us!

Church Outreaches & Camps Church Outreaches & Camps Church Outreaches & Camps

Band Trips


Our overland truck can be converted to take bulky luggage and equipment on band tours. The truck serves multiple purposes for marketing as well as the transportation of gear. In the photo these three bands did a tour with their full set in our Bundi truck. The equipment included; sound such as JBL VRX line array system, JBL SRX subwoofers, JBL PRX monitors, lighting such as a full intelligent lighting rig, structures such as Multiple Trussing systems, full drum kit, guitars, guitar amps, as well as tents and camping equipment. The truck was distinctively branded and sponsors advertised.

For more information on sound and light engineering as well as band tours, click here.

Band Trips

Senior Citizens

Packages are put together designed specifically for senior citizens. Join us for a trip to experience a flower tour of the west coast or an easy walking hike in nature. All our trips are offered at special tariffs and include the arrangement of transport, accommodation and meals to all elderly accessible venues.

Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens
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