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Looking for an environmental excursion, leadership development or outdoor educational camp?

Bundi offers a variety of packages which challenges and stimulates students mentally and physically. We offer outings to the Breede River (15km from Worcester), Orange River (just across the Namibian border) as well as various other custom made overlanding trips and excursions in Africa. Programs are uniquely put together to suit each group’s needs and budget. From one day outings to 21 day African expeditions. We provide accommodation, catering and program facilitation. Our camps are ideal for educational growth, outdoor awareness and personal development.

Programs are put together and adjusted to various learner phases namely:

foundation phase (Gr 1 - 4) intermediate phase (Gr 5 - 8) Senior phase (Gr 9 - 12)

The aim is to create an outdoor program where skills development and exposure increases as learners progress in age.
Our various activities provide an avenue for team ethic, healthy competition and development of interpersonal as well as intrapersonal growth. We incorporate relevant educational themes dealt with in the classroom and have loads of fun!

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