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Breede River    5 Day Skills Development

This camp is a step up from the normal three day two night program to a more in depth development and growth camp. The 5 day skills development camp entails 5 full days of learning and mastering new skills. This usually includes a river day, abseiling and rope work day, first aid day, survivor day and then the final summary and wrap up on the last day.


DAY 1 - River Day

The river day includes a full briefing and instruction of how the rafting equipment and paddling itself works. Learners then embark on a full day paddling with the put in point at Nekkies Holiday resort. They stop next to the river for lunch and then paddle further to end up back at our camp. Skills such as pulling someone out of the water, rotating a flipped boat and identifying and executing paddle signals are skills which are tested while learners are on water.

The day program looks something like this:


DAY 2 - Ropes Day

During the ropes day learners watch an introductory video to rock climbing and abseiling. In groups they are then taught how to make the basic knots, how to secure an anchor point and how the climbing gear work and what its function is. Learners then attempt the climbing wall after which they move to the high ropes course. The high ropes course can be quite challenging and learners need to focus on their own mental and physical strength relying on the equipment which they have just learnt about. In groups they are assessed at the end of the day to see if they can complete a set of tasks given to them.

The day program looks something like this:

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DAY 3 - Survivor Day

The survivor day teaches learners about the skills of hiking and what to pack while planning a hike.  They have to build a raft to get themselves across the river. Once on the other side of the river, learners must set up camp and pitch their tents. The facility has no running water or electricity. A long drop is the only bathroom facility. Learners learn how to make a fire and prepare their own supper. They also engage in a talk about the evening stars and how to orientate themselves. The next morning after breakfast they return to the camp site.

DAY 4 - First Aid Day

For the first aid day we use the services of the Medical Education Centre, they are a qualified training institute. They facilitate an interactive one day course which focuses on basic first aid training. Themes covered are prevention, emergency scene management, looking for vital signs, acute illness and wounds & bleeding. At the end of the day learners obtain a basic first aid certificate. The program facilitated is very interactive and a lot of fun.


The last day is a culmination of everything learners were taught over the duration of the camp. They compete in teams of 4 to complete the Bundi Adventure challenge. Orientated by a map learners are requested to find certain spots on the map and answer questions related to what they were taught on camp in order to complete the challenge as quick as possible. A final debriefing and evaluation of the camp is done before learners depart.

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