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From city scape and lessons in a classroom, to a rural adventure, and learning outdoors, this journey for your school, is one that learners will never forget. This program of outdoor education not only takes learners to a variety of incredible places in South Africa, but also provides added value to their curriculum at school. Here is a daily schedule of what the package provides:

Day 1


Leave JHB behind and arrive fresh in the mother city to sample what she has to offer. See the lay out of the city from above, on Table mountains sandstone edge, (weather dependent). Then make your way to the most southeastern point at Cape Point and see a number of selected sites along the way as you meander along the peninsula’s coastline through one of the world’s most endemic biomes, Fynbos.

After a long day outdoors, learners can spend the evening at the Waterfront getting some retail therapy and supper together.

Accommodation: Cape Suites, Cape Town

Geology highlights: Dolerite Dykes (Simonstown, foggy pond); Cape point nature reserve


The Cape of Good Hope, Cape Point

Sea cliff walk past Diaz beach, Cape Point

Day 2


Wake up in the cape and head up Table Mountain, (if not done the previous day). From there the learners will explore the Atlantic seaboard geology sites as well as Lions Head, Sea Point contact, Chapmans Peak and finishing off at Long Beach and Kommetjie for a beach supper with spectacular mountain and ocean views.

Accommodation: Cape Suites, Cape Town

Geology Highlights: Tombola, Big Bay; Cape Granite and Peninsula formation (Table mountain group);Sea Point Contact; Malmesbury shale; Cape Granite, Queens beach;Chapman’s Peak


Half Tunnel to reinforce cliff, Chapman’s Peak

Long beach, Noordhoek, from Chapman’s Peak
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Day 3


As we leave Cape Town behind and head on the N7 towards Namibia, learners get to experience seeing the fynbos change into a new biome, the Succulent Karoo. With the change in geology comes various mountain folds, rock formations and a diverse and beautiful landscape. That evening after arriving at Bundi’s base camp, learners will report back on their day and present their research to the group

Accommodation: Bundi base camp, Orange River

Geology Highlights: Granite domes, Batholiths, fold mountains andTors; Nama rock art and Petroglyphs


Granite batholith dome, N7, near Springbok

Resistant horizontal strata, near Van Rhynsdoorp

Day 4


Day one of paddling down the Orange River provides learners a break from travelling on the bus, as everyone tries a less impacting mode of transport. As learners paddle on the scenic river, they get to see a spectacular array of rock formations as well as the flora and fauna that changes along the meandering
river. After paddling, the learners have a chance to swim and set up camp after which, they take part in team building and games.

Accommodation: River bank

Geology Highlights: Dwyka tillies, Sedimentary Nama limestones, box and over folds, faulting and massive igneous intrusion


Over fold in Nama limestone

Day 5


Day two on the river learners continue learning about the formations that they see along the banks as they are challenged by the rapids and have a fun time exploring the river. Learners get to wind down in the evening while watching the sunset and then take part in their second night of games and team building.

Accommodation: River bank

Geology Highlights: Dolerite dykes, Flurospar mine


Flurospar mine digging for magic stones

Sunset view from the Flurospar mine

Day 6


Waking up at sunrise in the morning on the river allows for new shapes and shadows due to the incredible rock formations. Each day on the river is an adventure and on day three on the river the learners go through the Shambok rapids, which are caused by dolerite dykes and potholes. They also learn about the metamorphic quartzite as they move through spectacular canyons.

Accommodation: River bank

Geology highlights: Alluvial diamond mine

Quartize Witches Hat

Sunrise every morning

Alluvial Diamond mine

Day 7


The last day on the river paddling is spent viewing and exploring the alluvial terraces, as well as seeing how water is pumped from the river for neighboring farms who sustain their livelihoods from the river. Learners get to groom, shower and get clean after 3 nights on the river.

Accommodation Bundi base camp

Geology Highlights: Alluvial terrace mining, Metamorphic lime stone,flood plain and the largest grape farm in Aussenkehr.


Illegal mining in alluvial terrace

Massive water pump for Aussenkehr grape farm

Day 8


Today the learners leave the Orange River and head towards the 2nd largest canyon in the world, The Fish river Canyon. The group will be able to experience the Giants Playground Dolerite tors as they enter a new environmental biome, from Succulent Karoo to Savannah.

Accommodation: Quiver tree forest

Geology Highlights: Quiver trees, Dolerite tors, Fish river Canyon

Students doing their work
at the Fish river canyon

Quiver trees at sunset

The Fish River Canyon

Day 9


Today the learners get to view Augrabies waterfall. The fascinating rock formations along the river show the ever‐changing landscape, for example the headward retreat and the potholes. The students also get to look at the history of the water flow, the floods and what the river looks like during the seasons in photographs and historical stats and facts. The leaners also get a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn about the myths and legends of the Khoisan people.

Accommodation: Augrabies NP

Geology Highlights: Moon rock, Granite batholiths, superimposed drainage and tree climbing daisies


Augrabies waterfall

Augrabies river gorge headward erosion

Day 10


As we head away from The Succulent Karoo and into the Savannah Biome, the learners begin to see changes in the rock formations. Learners get to see the Kimberley BIG hole and learn about the mining industry in the area. Learners have a chance to go on a tour and that evening there is a photo competition.

Accommodation: Kimberley

Geology Highlights: The Kimberley Big Hole and Kimberlite Pipe

Day 11


Today the group travels home back to JHB. Learners will see a continuous change of scenery due to the Savannah biome changing into grasslands. Students reflect on their trip and say good byes.

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