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The section of the Orange River we canoe was chosen because of its sheer magnificent natural wealth. This section that we raft is called the Richtersveld section and we operate from Noordoewer towards the Fish River confluence. It is 680km’s due north from Cape Town and 1300km’s from Johannesburg, worth every km!!

The Richtersveld National Park semi desert, through which the river runs, is one of the largest mountain deserts in the world. Over 50% of the plants here are endemic and supports  a wide variety of fascinating  animal and insect life. The banks are lined with willow and ebony trees which provide shade and shelter to river rafting clients; forming an oasis green band of life through the orange splendor of this semi-desert.

Reflections Gamkab Rapid

The Fish Eagle shows its majesty as it soars high above the rolling waters the sound of its call heard from a distance, whilst the Goliath Heron with its 6-7 foot wingspan eases its way from the river’s edge. Not to mention the green brilliance of the Malachite Kingfisher as he dives between the river and the trees.

But perhaps the most unique aspect of all is the ability to drift through two million years of earth time. The arid, mountainous landscape is composed of many varied rock types, which illustrate some of the major geological events which occurred in the Southern Hemisphere over the last two million years.

We at Bundi River Rafters believe strongly in maintaining this unspoilt and delicate environment. We also believe in educating our clientele on environmental issues through a practical understanding of this area.

Sleeping on the river banks under the stars, and enjoying our scrumptious cuisine, has only ever brought compliments. It is a relaxing, yet awesome trip with a few challenging rapids ... an amazing experience on a famous African River.

We offer different packages from 1 – 5 days. Tailor-made trips to suit your needs can be easily arranged. Fitness and paddling experience is not essential as full paddling instruction is given by our friendly guides.

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Distances covered on each trip can vary, depending on each group's paddling strength. Short, relaxed 3 day trips usually cover 45km, whilst longer trips range between 63 and 86 km. Each day we aim to cover around 15 km (river flow average about 4km/h), stopping regularly for refreshments, lunch and to share in the excitement of the Grade 1-2 rapids.

In the past we used two man fiberglass Mohawk-style canoes but have now switched over to two man inflatable "crocs".

Some advantages about Crocs:

  • Safer because they do not capsize as easily as canoes
  • One does not have to bail out water after each rapid as the crocs have a self-bailer built in through which the water flows
  • More comfortable than the canoes to relax on
  • Plastic and more child-friendly – no more wounds from sharp fiberglass pieces
  • One can load more onto the crocs and also tie camping equipment on the sides onto the safety ropes.
  • Do not break when you hit a rock in the rapids
  • Easier to steer, therefore safer in faster flowing water to avoid rocks.
  • One can get in and out of crocs more easily than canoes - an important factor for swimming during the hot summer months!

Orange River Accommodation:

Welcome to Bundi Adventures Base Camp!

The Bundi Base Camp is situated on the banks of the mighty Gariep River. The Camp is located in the old River Rafters base camp which was used in the pioneering days to explore the Orange River Rafting and canoeing route that is now used through the Richtersveldt.

The base camp is limited to 11 en-suite rooms, 5 campsites, ablution blocks, communal kitchen, lounge and a big recreational hall. Not to mention the big lawns where kids can play. We use the river to cool down on the hot summer days. An upgrade can be requested from campsites to rooms at an additional fee of R660.00 per room per night. Chalets are subject to availability. Open-air safe parking is available for guests.


We have a total of 11 rooms, all with en-suite bathrooms, with a flush toilet and shower. Arranged as follows: 5 rooms with 1 double sized bed, 5 rooms with 2 ¾ sized beds and 1 room with 3 single sized beds. The beds are all of very good quality, ensuring a good night’s rest. All beds are fitted with 75% cotton sheets. Linen and bath towels are provided.

Camp Sites:

Camp at our campsite on the banks of the Orange River under a million stars with the sound of the soft flow of the river passing by. All sites are on grass underneath the trees. We limit our camp to 5 campsites all with various amounts of people that can camp per area. Please confirm the amount of people you would like to book on making your reservation. We provide communal bathrooms with shower and flush toilets. Some sites have their own power point. But please ensure that you request this on making your reservation. Remember to bring your tent and camping equipment as we do not provide this.

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