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The dates below are of expeditions on the Orange River that you can join as an individual or as a group.– subject to availability. You can select your own dates as a closed group if you have a group of 8 people or more out of season and 20 people or more in season. Please contact our office for availability.

There have been requests in the past for groups, as small as two, wanting to select their own dates. This is possible, as there are a lot of trips not scheduled below. You can select other dates if you book more than 4 months in advance..

Arrive at camp On river Depart Days Adv. Group Number
March 2018
29 Mar 2 April
30 Mar 4 April
April / May 2018
2 Apr 7 Apr
3 Apr 8 Apr
13 Apr 19 Apr
26 Apr 1 May
27 Apr 1 May
28 Apr 4 May
2 May 7 May
June 2018
23 Jun 28 Jun
July 2018
5 Jul 10 Jul
28 Jul 2 Aug
September 2018
3 Sep 9 Sep
24 Sep 29 Sep
30 Sep 6 Oct
October 2018
1 Oct 5 Oct
4 Oct 8 Oct
19 Oct 23 Oct
November 2018
16 Nov 21 Nov
26 Nov 1 Dec
December 2018
19 Dec 23 Dec
27 Dec 1 Jan
27 Dec 1 Jan
27 Dec 1 Jan
28 Dec 1 Jan
28 Dec 1 Jan
31 Dec 5 Jan
31 Dec 4 Jan
31 Dec 4 Jan
**The best is always to contact us to confirm availability and check if more tours are running if not listed above
If you are looking for an alternative date, please feel free to contact us and check availability.
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